Let’s talk about THE PROCESS

Here you are going to find frequently asked questions, how booking your wedding day works, what to expect, how to prepare and reach out. This is just the beginning. When you book your wedding I will then give you a full wedding guide to go over small details that can enhance your professional wedding photography.

Collections & Which one to choose?

I offer a couple different options depending on your needs. Head over to the Rates+Info page to get an idea of what might be best for you both.

Reaching out

Reach out via the contact form - When you reach out let me know a few things about your day. How many guests will you have? Are you interested in an engagement session? The more information the better =)

Booking Your Date!

If I’m what you’re looking for and you think we are a good fit I will send you an email to officially book your date! Scheduling is really easy. I will send you over a contract that you can e sign immediately and an invoice you can pay your retainer. Once your date is booked, contract signed and retainer placed I will send you over the password to access the guide to get things started.


I’m going to get all of my questions answered through these very detailed forms I’ve put together specifically for you! These are AMAZING tools I’ve created to help us organize all the details and get all the questions you could think of answered. You can access these at any time as well as change your answers if something comes up.

Engagement Sessions

If you’re planning on doing an engagement session we will schedule this immediately after booking your day. I do portrait session Monday - Thursday so you can start thinking of dates that work best for your schedules! If you’re planning months in advance that’s ok, you can get your engagements done anytime before the day. It’s never too early or too late. The most important part for me when doing engagements is getting to know you as a couple and for you to get to know me as your photographer.


We will communicate back and forth the entire time leading up to the day! We can do skype calls, phone calls, text message and email. I’m very easy to get ahold of! Discussing big parts of the wedding like finalizing the timeline is one I like to do either over the phone or a video chat.

Your Timeline // Shot List

I plan timelines with everyone in mind. You, your vendors, your guests, the lighting. I will help customize you a wedding day timeline of photography to best fit your wants and needs. Your photography timeline will be finalized no later than 4 weeks prior to the day. I will reach out via phone to collect the last bit of information and go over everything to make sure we are organized. If you can have your family shot list finished by 4 weeks that would be even better! I personally would like to get your timeline done as soon as possible. Having timelines done first gives you times to tell everyone where to be and when. So let’s start this as soon as you are ready!

The Wedding Day

This is the day we’ve all been working so hard for. On your wedding day I will arrive an hour prior to starting the scheduled events. This hour gives me the time to look around, meet your other vendors, chat with family, get some photographs of the venue. I will have with me your family shot list, questionnaire and timeline. We’re going to have a really, really good time!

Day After Adventure Session!

What is a day after session? Day after adventure sessions were created with convenience in mind. It ensures your time on your wedding day is focused on the wedding. This is a great option to remove excess wedding day stress of a very important day. On your day the time you spend together, one on one as a couple is minimal and when posing for couples photographs we typically have an hour at most before changing to the next scheduled event. Day after sessions are a time to slow down, focus on one another and is the time we get those dreamy, stylized couples photographs you envision or have seen. Not to mention we get to fully control the lighting! Let’s go out in some gorgeous scenery and showcase you both as a couple. These sessions typically last 3-4 hours and can be done before or after your wedding day. Make your big day about the moment & your guests. If this is something you’re interested in we can add it to your invoice. Please visit the investment page to get full pricing information.

Gallery Delivery!

The storm has settled, you’re probably back into a daily routine by now. Photographs are delivered no later than 6 weeks after the wedding. Your images are delivered to you via online gallery and are high resolution Jpeg files. You can print them anywhere you would like however, to get the best results I encourage you to print through a professional online printer. If you would like to print them through my printing company you have options to print directly from your gallery. The gallery can be used to download, share and like I said print. You can share these with all of your family & friends so they have the option to download their favorites as well.


IF YOU HAVE ANY OTHER QUESTIONS ABOUT THE PROCESS OR WOULD LIKE TO GET things STARTED CLICK ON THE “REACH OUT” BUTTON TO SEND ME AN EMAIL. IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN SEEING pricing click on the “pricing” button or just keep scrolling to see more information under frequently asked questions!

What is your payment structure like?

When you book with me I take 25% of any collection you book as the retainer and the rest is due 14 days prior to the wedding day. I will send out a reminder email 21 days prior to the wedding as a reminder.

Do you offer payment plans?

Payments can be made throughout the months leading up to your wedding day. However, I will need the final payment made by 14 days prior to the wedding day.

Do you shoot with a second photographer?

I do not shoot with a second. I’m passionate and energetic as a primary photographer and never have been in a position where needing a 2nd will add value for me as primary.

But won’t a second shooter be a good backup?

When scheduling your wedding day I help customize a wedding day timeline that best fits you and the photography. I am more than happy to travel to multiple locations to document every part of the wedding day. With proper planning I ensure that it is more than a possibility. If you’re interested in viewing other timelines I would love to send over a couple different ones to give you a better understanding of how wedding day photography flows.

Do you have backup gear?

Yes, I bring 4 camera bodies, multiple memory cards, several fully charged back up batteries (with my wall chargers encase) and all of my lenses to ensure your day is photographed without flaw.

Why do you only offer full day coverage? Why not 4 hour or 6 hour packages?

This question is commonly asked and it makes sense why. It’s a very smart question to ask! This is probably your first time hiring a photographer for a major event and you’ve been looking around, price shopping, getting a feel for photographers and what they offer so you see packages often. So why do you not see them here? When hiring me as your photographer you’re probably wanting someone to document all the moments from getting ready to the reception but with minimal hourly coverage it’s impossible for me as your photographer to get all of that in a short amount of time. You can’t rush creativity and you can’t rush raw moments. I have done this route and every time for some reason or another time went over, couples became stressed, moments have been missed and budgets went way over. I truly feel offering a 4 hour or 6 hour packages only set you up for paying additional hourly at a high rate and it would be detrimental to my couples day. Doing that to couples would make me feel dishonest and I’m a person of integrity. With me you pay one price and you get all the time you need in order to successfully document your wedding. No watching the clock, no blowing your budget, no stress. If you’re wanting to do an elopement or have a small wedding that doesn’t need the full day let me know and we can customize a wedding collection for you.

What is the difference between a small wedding, a full wedding & an elopement?

With full weddings you have an entire day of photography with more than 30 guests - small/intimate weddings focus more on a smaller event, usually has everything a full wedding day does minus the wedding party and less than 30 guests - Elopements are always 10 people or less and most cases just the couple. I offer collections for all sized weddings including additional hourly and all weekend coverage! If you’re interested in talking more about the options please reach out.

Are all the images you deliver fully touched up/edited?

Yes. I do not give unfinished or even present unfinished work. When you receive your images they will all be fully edited.

Do you deliver all of the images from our wedding?

Yes. I do not withhold any images from your day. I will deliver every image I take minus the test shots! My style of photography is story telling so I want to make sure you get every moment.

Are you insured?


Do you shoot digital? Do you do videography or film?

I only shoot digital and plan to only offer digital photography. I do not offer videography.

Is this your full time job?

Yes, I’ve been doing photography now for 8 years!

Do you offer any other types of photography?

Yes, I enjoy photographing everything that has as story behind it. I feel if I limited myself to just portraits or just events I would be doing a disservice to not only myself but everyone potentially looking for a photographer. I think having experience in all areas gives me an upper hand at weddings. I’m experienced in documentary, candids, posed, details, etc.

I’m always updating this part of my website! If you do not see something on here please feel free to reach out with any additional questions.