Q: Do you offer any other wedding collections?

A: For weddings I only offer one collection. With my collection I offer everything you will need for one price. With my experience couples desire ease when planning their weddings and booking their vendors for their big day. With me, you don’t have to worry about adding extra hours if time last minute on the day of, you don’t have to worry about spending more than you budgeted for a photographer, you get your full day documented which gives you unlimited time to have as many moments documented as possible.


Q: Should the wedding last longer than expected will you stay longer?

A: For weddings I build a timeline with my clients for their wedding day to make sure everything is done by the time I am scheduled to leave the event. If you’re interested in booking your wedding I would be happy to send you over several different timelines so you can get an idea of how a wedding day flows.


Q: Can we get a discount if we don’t need the engagement session?

A: The engagement session is very important for us before your wedding day. Engagement sessions give us a chance to work together before hand. My focus during weddings is capturing authentic moments in a candid, lifestyle and documentary style. Working together before hand gives us that chance to really get to know each other that way when your big day comes we know each other, you know how I work and I get to see how you both connect.


Q: Do you offer a special collection for elopements?

A: Yes! I do and I love to document elopements. Please contact me for more details.


Q: How long after my wedding will the photographs be ready?

A: I have written in my contract photographs will be ready no later than 6 weeks after the event.


Q: What kind of equipment do you use? Do you have backups?

A: As a professional I have back up’s for my back up’s. I bring four high quality camera bodies to each wedding. I use canon 5d mark iii digital bodies and only L series canon lenses. I have a large variety of lenses to capture each moment of your wedding day in a esthetically pleasing way. I bring a memory card for each part of your wedding and make sure to never have all your coverage just on one device.


Q: Do deliver all images you take from our wedding?

A: I do not deliver duplicates or images that are out of focus/wrong exposure. However, I deliver all other images.


Q: Do you touch up all images you deliver from our wedding?

A: Yes, every image I deliver is edited with my unique signature style that you see in previous wedding galleries and images.