I'm Aundrea, a documentary, lifestyle and candid photographer specializing in weddings, birth and portraiture. I live just outside of West Glacier Montana. I am a full time mom to 4 kids and I’m a wife.. My mind is open to all kinds of life stories so please feel confident sharing your experiences and ideas with me.

If I could describe my style of photography in three words I would say spiritual, exciting and raw. The best stories are stories documented. I love expressing how people view the world and how they feel. I love photographing real, raw life using documentary teqniques. I photograph everything from landscape, birth ,wedding and so much more! I feel in my heart I see things from a unique, peaceful, fresh and exciting perspective that I have to share with the world. I have a drive and passion for photography within me and I'm drawn to know this is exactly what I am here to do.

I believe art can change the world; awakening feelings, spirituality and passion. Photography is a good way to remind you of all those small moments in your distant memory that you sometimes, if not all the time, forget or become unfamiliar. That's what I want to document for you. I want to tell your story in a way that brings emotions, thoughts and memories to the surface. From photographing the first breath, the first kiss , the goodbyes, the "this is it". Can you imagine getting all of that into one photograph; taste, smell, sound, touch? Now imagine it's your own! Documenting once in a lifetime scenes and being able to relive them every time you look at them. Life is all about its journeys and as you get older you realize you want to feel it one more time. You want to go through life all over again just to relive that moment. With the right documentary you can! I want to capture your story in a way that nobody else will. Working with me is more than just hiring a photographer; its an experience! Your life is beautiful and worth remembering. Let me help you express that, let me help you see, let me help you relive, let me help you remember the moments worth remembering.