First and foremost, Aundrea is an incredible photographer and artist! Planning a wedding can be stressful, so it was beyond comforting knowing that the photography would be taken care of completely. Not only does she have an amazing natural talent, but she is genuine and caring – something that really shines through in her work. What initially drew us to Aundrea was her ability to capture a feeling in a photograph, and her unique style. She has the skill to capture the moment, with each photo invoking an emotion. Aundrea photographed both our engagement session and our wedding day. My husband and I were awestruck with how incredibly both sets of photos turned out and how she was able to perfectly portray every aspect of the wedding. I never could have imagined how much each photograph would mean to me. Beyond her amazing talent, Aundrea is a wonderful person. She strives to make sure that you love her work as much as she does. Her passion for photography and her commitment to make her clients happy is what truly sets her apart from everyone else. She is hard-working and extremely kind. Finding a wedding photographer is not easy, so let me simplify things for you: Aundrea is your girl. Kaia

Aundrea is an exceptional artist! She did our engagement shoot, my boudoir shoot (I highly recommend for any woman #empowerment), and photographed our wedding. The one thing I can say about her photography is it's the most original photography you will ever receive of yourself, of your family or of you and your spouse. Not only has she mastered her craft, but she is able to gauge each personality she is working with making sure each session and each picture is about you. She captures personality and she captures your life. You will never find a similarity between your (for example) wedding photographs and another wedding she's photographed. Everything is so personal and beautiful you really can't be steered the wrong direction with her. We are more than satisfied with our investments in her work and you will be too! If you don't believe me just check out her stuff! Much Love and Appreciation, The Morningstar's!

Aundrea is God sent to the world of photography!! Not only does she have an amazing talent for the eye of photography she is an amazing young lady!! We had a awesome time during our session...She made the best of the rain and got some amazing photos of our family!! Cannot wait for our next session!! Aundrea you are amazing so don't ever allow anyone steal your thunder!! - The Frazier Family

Kyle & I met in high school when we were sophomores. We actually met in welding class! We were amazing friends & always stayed in touch & one day Kyle came down to where I was living in Denver to have a drink with me. We caught up & had some laughs & from that moment we knew we couldn't be without each other. The weekend came to an end & Kyle turned around after driving an hour away just to kiss me! A year later we were engaged! When we got engaged I knew that I wanted Aundrea to photograph our wedding & engagement! I've always look on her photography page to see her work & always admired it for years! We did a engagement session with her this last weekend and it was AMAZING! It was so relaxed, fun & comfortable! No awkward moments or weird silence! Lots of laughs! Her pictures always makes you feel like your there in that moment again! I can't wait for her to photograph our wedding! I know it will be just as amazing!! -Jamie R

I consider myself a fairly artistic and particular person and I am not super easy to impress. But I was blown away by the talent and professionalism and energy that Andrea presented for us. She was able to work with me creatively and entirely capture my vision for the shoot. I never had to think about my poses or question her. She just stepped in and went to work and we had so much fun! Even though our first shoot was in the snow in the cold and the wind, I have never felt so natural and laughed for much for a photo shoot in my entire life. And the way she captured us was entirely us. It was beautiful, it was pure, and it never felt posed or fake. We were able to be our goofy selves and she brought the spirit of our family to life. When it came to my birth photography, I was nervous that it wouldn’t be beautiful because I didn’t think I would look very beautiful at the time and the situation was not at all what I had envisioned at all, but she was so gracious and nonintrusive. I honestly didn’t even know she was there the whole time! And in the end I was so grateful she was there to save that moment for me. It was painful, it was overwhelming, and yet it was so pure and genuine and raw and gorgeous in its own strange way. I am grateful to have those moments forever. And our photos came full circle when we had photos done with our son, which is what I wanted. It was like reading a story through images and felt true and unique to our lives. I loved the experience and hope to keep Andrea in our life for many more stories to come as our family grows. I am so grateful for all she did for us and am beyond pleased with the results and having the photos to remind me when my memory is no longer as vivid. -Erica Carrara

I've been staring at this computer animated piece of paper on my computer screen for just over 2 months, there's SO much I want to say about Aundrea and her photography but I've been at a loss for words. The photos she captured of my fiance' and I are beyond what I could have asked for! She captured our personalities, but most of all--she captured the love we share for each other!! Aundrea is a natural at what she does. She's passionate, she's talented, she's focused, she's 110% committed to making sure that the photos she takes turns out absolutely breathtaking! Aundrea made us so incredibly comfortable, she had us laughing the entire time! Without a doubt- I will always be using Aundrea for all of my future shoots! Hands down--we LOVE Aundrea and her photography!!! -Samantha Johnson

I knew from the moment I found out I was pregnant that I wanted birth photography. Although I am a very shy person and fear the camera, Aundrea assured me that she would capture the best part of me and it would be beautiful. Our first session was the belly shoot and they where perfect! The months pushed on and it was time for baby. Not only did I have an amazing photographer but my own personal doula. She far exceeded my expectations as a photographer and it was available for me throughout the entire fifteen hours of the birthing process that ended in a c-section. Having her own two little ones at home I told her to go and she insisted on staying for the measuring and weighing of my new baby. She captured moment that are once in a lifetime and did an amazing job. So happy with her work and would never hire another photographer for any of our families special moments. We never knew each other before this but now I just love her to pieces!! Thank you sweet Aundrea! Simply amazing work! - Tara Fitzgerald

Everyday I wake up looking and cherishing this photo and now a year later I still takes my breathe away and takes me back to that moment my baby was brought into this world and into my life. This picture captures so much you would never think a picture could possibly hold so much emotion but you would be wrong. Aundrea gave me this amazing gift and I will forever be great full and in debt to her because she does not realize the true gift she gave us. If anyone is ever considering getting there birth photographed and those memories captured this lady right here is the one to contact because the amount of work and love she puts in her work shows she is amazingly talented and can capture moments like no one I have ever seen. Thank you again so much Aundrea for this gift u gave to my family and being part of this amazing experience with my family. -Love the Wagar family

I have not had a photographer as wonderful to work with as Aundrea! She knows what she's doing and she gets right down to business. I was planning my wedding from the other side of the country and Aundrea helped make this part so easy! We set up a Skype session, I told her what I wanted and she wrote out an entire timeline for me. We met again in town later on and she was so kind when I changed half the schedule we already had planned. The day of my wedding, she went right to work and when she showed me some of the pictures she had taken, I was surprised to see they were more beautiful than I had imagined! Aundrea captures emotions so well in her photography. It was everything I wanted and more. She is such a pleasure to work with and I plan on going to her for any future photography! - Kalvin & Katie Taylor